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Automate all your equipment with one touch solutions

Our Mission

We thrive to achieve big things that are at a lower cost, easier in usage and make more impact. All of this can be easily controlled by whomever you want.
Whether someone is young, old, experienced in technology or has never touched a smart device before, we provide a one stop solution.

About Us

We started this adventure three years ago. We asked ourselves whether it would be possible to simply make things easier. We get it, high-end equipment costs a lot and it’s understandable that people ask decent amounts to hire the equipment. On the other hand we thought, do you really always need this expensive equipment? After an intensive investigation and heavy testing we concluded that if you take every case as a customizable one, most of the expensive equipment can be replaced by equipment that is cheaper, less labor-intensive and most of all: programmable. From that moment on, Tabify was born.



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